Evil Overlord Games: Our Corporate Culture

Evil Overlord Games Corporate Culture
We follow the signs

Welcome to Evil Overlord Games, Inc, a great place to live and work.

Why do we say “live and work”? Because in our unique corporate culture, we don’t use discriminatory practices, like differentiating between “life” and “work.”

Other companies talk about the “work-life balance.” Ha! We enjoy their quaint notions. Here at Evil Overlord, we employ a synergy of workforce solutions that we simply call, “worklife.” In this way, we promote inclusivity, cultivate close workplace relationships, and save you money on commuter costs!

Our intimate garden-level office space comes fully equipped with two microwaves (that’s .285 microwaves per person!), a kitchenette supplied with Popcorners and questionable yet nutritious protein bars, and parking spaces that say “Evil” on them. Sodas are also provided.

Evil Overlord Games corporate culture
Even our parking is evil

We seek strong working relationships with beings who are driven by the thrill of creation, who long to create and play games that matter, who are tired of emo vampires and werewolves punching each other and would like to be a part of something else, something larger. Also slimier. We weren’t supposed to say that part out loud. We aren’t very good at this.

Perhaps we should allow some of our employees to speak about their experiences at Evil Overlord Games, Inc. We are sure that they would not say anything that would jeopardize the positions in which we have so thoughtfully placed them. And if they do, well, the instructions said we should probably change their positions every few hours anyway, just to keep their circulation going and their minds fresh.

Mm. Fresh minds.

Where were we? Ah yes: Evil Overlord Games. Welcome. Sit down and stay a while. Check out our handy social media pages. Join our mailing list to receive updates about the games we create. Have a Popcorner. We don’t know what they are, either. Enjoy. 






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