Rhys, your (mostly) friendly neighborhood fae

Rhys, Evil Overlord GamesYou’re pretty sure you’ve never seen anyone quite like the taciturn clerk at the antique shop you’ve happened into.

It’s not so much the uncertain gender of the person; that’s something you’ve got enough experience with at this point in your life. It’s something else, something you might not have noticed before you were Awakened. Something in the odd fashion choices, the casual hoodie with the ornate choker necklace beneath. But most of all, something in the way their copper-colored eyes – practically golden, like a cat’s – look right into you.

Then, you introduce yourself.

“Well hello there,” says the clerk, with a voice similarly golden. “I’m Rhys. I use Elverson pronouns, I’m fae, and I own this place.”

The “fae” descriptor being slipped into the middle of the sentence doesn’t mean you miss it. Fae. You were still getting used to there being vampires, werewolves, mages…and of course, psychics. Now it seems there are faeries, too. There’s little to do at this point but shrug and move on.

Still, you’re curious. But Rhys – whose pronouns, by the way, are ey, em, eir, eirs, emself, like “they” with the “th” cut off, look it up, won’t you, it’s not all that difficult – isn’t as interested in talking about eir roots in Faerie. Nor whether there even is such a place. It’s where all the stories come from, is the most you can get out of em. Faerie, you know, just the source of most of human myth, no big.

But you sense that Rhys, who seems to run Conliffe Antiques as a kind of front for magical activities, has more to offer you than stories and a heavy dose of the uncanny. There are mysteries afoot, strange activity all over the city, and of course, people are awakening in droves. Rhys has definitely noticed, and is keeping track of anomalous occurrences around town. Perhaps there’s some way you can help.

Take care how you ask, though. As Rhys’ assistant Red tells you, Rhys is “amazing” and super-friendly, “as long as you don’t ask eir name, don’t pry into eir history, and stay away when ey’s in a bad mood.”

Super-friendly, in other words, for a faerie.

Meet Rhys and start unraveling the mysteries when you play Susurrus: Season of Tides and visit Conliffe Antiques! Play the early edition starting on August 17 at susurrusgame.com.

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