The Harbinger

Harbinger, by Duncan Eagleson
Harbinger, by Duncan Eagleson

Nobody had seen the Harbinger before, not until recently. Now, it seems like they’re everywhere.

Not that folks would notice, so much. A strange figure – mostly for their total lack of strangeness. Average in height, build, skin color, gender presentation … relentlessly average, one might say. So much so that the figure is uncanny, odd in the way a humanoid robot might be, were it designed by aliens observing the totality of a city and attempting to create a Median Human.

In a way, in spite of the equally nondescript uniform of loose jeans and gray hoodie, this makes the Harbinger rather noticeable.

The conspicuousness of this being – who apparently goes by no actual name – is further increased by the fact that the Harbinger has approached every single person who has been Awakened in the past year. All of these troubled souls, stumbling into magic. The Harbinger comes to them, strange eyes burning, and speaks in an affectless tone.

“Everything is breaking,” they say, looking around as if observing the cracks in every living and non-living thing, “and the turning wheels are gaining terrible momentum.”

Life has been confusing enough of late, what with your recent transformation into a supernatural being, and the fallout destroying what vestiges of normal life you knew. But these vague portents and foreshadowings are downright agonizing.

Soon, though. Soon you will know more. You feel it, that if you just hold on in the storm of this city and its unremitting oddities – or maybe the oddities are in you; you’re not yet sure – that you will know more in time. This seeming construct, this Harbinger of you-know-not-what, is giving you another piece of the puzzle.

“Remember,” they say to you, just before disappearing down the alleyway, their furtive notes assembling into a full song, “Remember: the Ten and the Five.”

You’re quite sure, mostly sure, at least 34% sure, that it means something.

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