As requested: More of ‘L’ in Susurrus

Last week’s game update included, per player feedback, another quest to go on with ‘L,’ the mysterious vigilante who shows up to kick fifteen shades of ass shortly after your character’s awakening in Susurrus: Season of Tides. We like her, too.

For us, L is one of many examples in our game of characters who break certain molds for video game heroes. She’s female, for one thing; while female protagonists and supporting characters are on the rise in video games, it’s still somewhat rare to see a woman character show up in-game who is there to give beat-downs to bad guys without also being a skintight-clad sex object. (Not that we have anything against skintight outfits, but really, other outfits truly are possible!)

It’s also less than common for such a character to appear who doesn’t make some kind of move on the player character. While we plan, in the near future, to make certain NPCs romance-able, we also find it tiresome that the assumption for female characters continues to be that they show up to be the love interest.

So it’s not all that surprising that our player feedback tells us they love L: female, fiercely competent, combat-equipped, straightforward, and interested in how you can help her in the work she’s already doing. Granted, this shouldn’t be a rare thing, but at present, it still is.

There are more mysteries that are apt to unfold about this somewhat epic fighter; get to know her a bit better, and you’ll learn some interesting things about why she dresses as she does, and how she got so powerful. Find her in the latest update, and stay tuned for more character development, more story arc, more quests, and, well, more as we continue to add content to the Early Edition, every two weeks!

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Susurrus: Season of Tides keeps getting better on a 2-week cycle

As we shake out the aftermath of Gen Con and the mad development cycle that led up to the first public release, we’ve established a new set of protocols for our team to follow as we keep on making Susurrus: Season of Tides better and prepare to move it out of Early Edition. The first update since Gen Con was released on Friday, September 8: play it now to see some of the new nifty things!

We’ve improved the chat interface and done some other tweaks, bug fixes, and feature additions that’ll make the game a smoother experience, of course. Below, though, are the fun things we’ve added this release:

Nyx the bartender. If you’re stuck and could use some direction, or just want to know what interesting things are going on, head to the Giant’s Dance and talk to Nyx, the friendly neighborhood bartender there. She knows a little bit about just about everything that’s going on right now.

News Tab. As the city cycles turn, new quests and things to do emerge across the city. Click on the News tab to see reports of what locations have new adventures available to play.

New companion. There’s some thorny business with some local psychics that could net you a new companion. Explore old ground with your Mind and Heart temperaments very open and see what comes of it…

Ask for the Secret Menu. Cosmic Coffee’s secret menu is now available, offering a variety of stat-enhancing and healing artisan coffee blends specifically crafted for the magical community!

More from The Harbinger. They’ve reappeared in a few extra places, leaving behind a handful of Glimmer and cryptic clues. Characters who diligently pursue anomalies will have a new conversation and a few hints toward upcoming plot.

Check it out now, and explore our world as it continues to emerge!

Susurrus: Season of Tides lurches to life

As the more astute of you may have observed, we are not the most conventional bunch here at Evil Overlord Games. That could be why we have released the (very) early version of Susurrus: Season of Tides with the label Epsilon, rather than Alpha.

Because one Greek letter is as good as any other, no?

Okay, maybe no. But we have observed a trend in game development wherein the names “Alpha” and “Beta” have taken on different meanings with different attached expectations, and so we wanted to defy that in our trademark Evil fashion…by making up something new. So, Epsilon it is. Our “beta” release may very well be called “Gamma” or “Theta” or “Mu” or some damn thing. We wanted you to be ready.

Regardless, our first real prototype of the game is called the Epsilon release, and we are pleased to have it out to a small group of highly tolerant testers, who are busily tearing it to pieces in a perversely thrilling effort to help us make it better.

In our prototype, you choose whether to be a vampire, werewolf, or mage, and can subsequently play through the day of your transformation, exploring your neighborhood, meeting people, and seeing your world with new eyes. You’re introduced to NPCs with whom you can have developing relationships as the game goes on. And you get the first inklings of the Weird that is permeating the world you wake up in.

While we haven’t put anything playable out to the general public yet, we look forward to sharing pieces of art, hints about story, and seeds of speculation about what is to come. We will also be launching forums shortly, where you can start and join ongoing conversations about the game’s development, and have your questions answered.

Until then…please sign up for our mailing list, as folks on the mailing list will find things out first! And like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter for your regular dose of weirdness from us Overlords.