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Come see us at BFIG!

BFIG logo
BFIG logo

This Saturday, 9/23, from 9am to 6pm, we’ll be at the annual Boston Festival of Independent Games, affectionately known as BFIG.

This surprisingly giant event occupies two floors of MIT’s Johnson Athletic Center, with the digital games on the top floor and the tabletop games downstairs. We’re going to be in a row of booths along the far right wall of the digital showcase floor, so come say hello, get a button, watch our nifty art reel, and try out Susurrus: Season of Tides!

To get tickets in advance, go to this page – they’re only $15! You’ll get to see a boatload of the Boston area’s best indie tabletop and digital games, all in one place, and vote on your favorites for a chance at a coveted Figgie award!

We’re proud to be there helping support this awesome local outfit, and we look forward to seeing you there, in your awesome local outfits. Or something. Wait. Yeah, sure, that works.

In the meantime, check out what we’ve been working on, and join our mailing list for regular updates on how we’re making Susurrus even better!

Spring Play: Boston Game Expo Welcomes Us! (The fools.)

Register at Playcrafting Boston!

On May 31 from 6-10 pm, we’ll be at Laugh Boston for Playcrafting Boston’s Spring Play: Boston Game Expo! You can play the latest build of Susurrus: Season of Tides, meet up with us, and tell us all about your favorite bugs in person.

We are about to release our latest build of Susurrus Epsilon, and we’re getting awesome feedback from people so far. Quite soon, we’ll be releasing the first multiplayer build – at which point, it will be necessary to impose yet another random Greek letter upon the world. But at the Spring Play event, we will be showing the last build of the Epsilon version, before players’ actions start affecting each other’s experience of the game.

That being said, having a bunch of people coming to try out our game in the really real world is another definition of multiplayer, no?

So come out and join us on Wednesday, May 31! Playcrafting calls it “a unique opportunity to try out the biggest collection of games made in and around Boston all in one place.” We call it the pure insanity of putting ourselves out there. We live for adventure, after all.

Sign up to get tickets ahead of time (tickets are $5 until the day of; then go up to $10) and make sure you get to be a part of this local-tastic party!

Evil Overlord to Partner with Gen Con for 50th Anniversary

Evil Overlord Games Gen Con
This graphic looks like the setup for the best deathmatch ever

We Evil Overlords will help Gen Con, the world’s oldest gaming convention, celebrate their 50th anniversary by launching our game the same weekend. 

Dastardly, we know.

Susurrus: Season of Tides will make its debut showing on web browsers around the world in August 2017. The exact date is still TBD, but we have timed the crescendo of the game release for August 17-20, aka Gen Con 50. For the period of Gen Con only, the game will include stories and characters from the Gen Con universe, and you will be able to obtain a limited edition minion that will persist and aid you in future quests.

The physical convention will provide many opportunities to gather clues, secure special story content and prizes, and play with your friends. We will be at the convention all weekend, running live events and helping attendees get immersed in our world.

For those who can’t attend the convention, but wish they could – don’t worry, we will have noxious goodies for you, as well. The Gen Can’t community is on our radar, and we and the Gen Con organizers are looking at this as an opportunity to bring players together in a Gen Con-themed way.

For those who have no intention of going to Gen Con or even wishing they could go there…fear not. We still love you and find the scent of your fear entrancing. You too can play, obtain the special Gen Con 50 minion, and complete the side-story goodies, as long as you play during the launch weekend!

Stay tuned at our mailing list, Facebook or Twitter page, or via our cote of carrion pigeons to receive updates about the game launch, and the exciting live-action developments we have cooking in our specially vulcanized vats.

What. Pigeons, that’s what we said. Geez.