“Angels of Our Better Nature”: Our first premium story content is live!

Tufayyar, by Duncan Eagleson

For the first time in Susurrus: Season of Tides, we are offering premium story content! We have contracted with Bram Stoker Award-winning horror writer Michael Marano to create a novella-length interactive story within the game, and “Angels of Our Better Nature” is now available for $4.99.

This artfully crafted, novelistic experience will carry the player along into a vast and totally new exploration of the lore of our world. In the course of a routine mission for L, you stumble across a terrifying ritual. There’s cult activity afoot, and it’s using unusual means to tear out pieces of the human psyche. This horrific desecration of the spirit draws you into a desperate race to prevent further atrocities and save innocent lives.

“Angels of Our Better Nature” is illustrated entirely by our art director Duncan Eagleson, known for his work on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics as well as decades of book and album covers, graphic novel work including Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour, and countless other projects in the TV, film, and music realms.

The story was edited and assembled by Phoebe Roberts, our writer and writer-wrangler, who is an emerging playwright best known in the local Boston scene for her Victorian lady-Batman series, Mrs. Hawking.

This exclusive content is available now in the Susurrus store; you can also acquire it (along with other in-game goodies) if you become a patron of our Patreon at the $10/month level.

Play at SusurrusGame.com now and go to the Store to get the 399 Crystals you need to play this epic questline! Once you unlock the story, go to the Brookside location to begin.

If you’d like to hear more from the author’s mouth about the process of developing the story and working with artists to create a cohesive product, read more at Michael Marano’s blog.

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Meet Cody, your first werewolf companion

When you awaken, bone-tired and bone-deep sore in every muscle, the first person you see is comfortingly normal-looking. Well, mostly: you notice the subtle predatory length of her teeth, incongruous inside her warm and easy grin. A few minutes of being conscious and you realize: of course, the wolf you saw, the touched noses and the running in the sweet night. You wonder, vaguely, what your own wolf form looks like.

The young woman is tall and imposing-looking, yet her pastel farm clothes and tousled blond hair and round, open face all put you at ease. This is someone who probably wears flower crowns and runs aesthetic Tumblrs and volunteers at animal shelters, but also someone you wouldn’t mind having on your side in a fight. Not that you’re looking for a fight, but it seems a little late for that, now.

She smiles at you, those teeth showing again, but nothing menacing in them. “Hey,” she says. “You’re awake. I’m Cody. Welcome to, um, the family, I guess.”

The family.

She tells you, then: about how werewolves come about. About how many of them seem to be cropping up, these days. About how she helps take care of the new ones, here at the Farm outside the city, where now, as she says, it feels like “puppy season all the time.” Also how being a werewolf can be inherited. Her whole family is weres, she says, from way back. She seems pretty proud of that fact. A tiny wolf pup, cute as an entire internet of dogs, bounds around her feet until she leans over and scritches the squirmy little thing between the ears. It falls over for belly rubs, squeaking in ecstasy.

You try not to faint back into the oblivion you just emerged from. It’s all rather a lot to take in.  But by the time you’re ready to head home and digest some of this information, you know you’ve gained an ally.

Choose the Werewolf path in Susurrus: Season of Tides to learn more about Cody Szarka and a host of fascinating NPCs. Sign up to join the pack!