Meet the Factions: The Guild

The Gilded Group’s innocent-enough-looking conference room

Not into all that science stuff? Religious cults make your teeth hurt?  Think aliens are for cranks and information technology is a boondoggle? Good news! There’s still a faction in the world of Susurrus: Season of Tides that’s right for you!

The Guild is slick, straightforward organized crime, without any of that family loyalty or Greek gods bullshit.  This is a straight-up violence, money, and power situation, and if you’re into that kind of thing, well. We have some questions.

But seriously: The Guild is exactly what it says on the tin – oh, except for when it’s not. The public face of it is known as The Gilded Group, a glittering panoply of couture labels and luxury brands to which you, as a recruit, will get steady access.

Miguel DeSoto, by Jon Hunt

And speaking of recruitment and snazzy dressers: have you met Miguel DeSoto? If you had, you’d remember. You may have run across him shaking down a drug dealer on your block, while wearing a flawless suit. If you help him out, he might start to find you interesting.

He’s an interesting guy himself – a friendly, expansive fireplug of a man, who happens to be a werewolf.  He’s eager to be a mentor to those who want to know what it’s like to be a highroller in the criminal underworld; he enjoys taking people under his wing. It’s worth deciding how far under that wing you want to be, though. For the Guild, there isn’t an in-between, and he’ll destroy his enemies just as readily as he’ll shake your hand.

So: are you in or out? Any Guild member will tell you: being on the inside with the Guild goes better than being on the outside, once you’ve already been noticed.

Sergei Kirov, by Jon Hunt

Sergei Kirov, the current boss of the organization, does nothing to dispel that impression. After a while, Miguel will bring you to meet him, and he’ll question you, genial Russian mob Santa that he is, smiling and calm all the while, but with eyes sharp as Miguel’s beardline. He’s watching to see if you can cut it – and to see if your partner can, too. You’ll be watching each other, see. He doesn’t expect trust, or loyalty. Just vigilance. Competence. Ruthlessness. And for you to do your best to protect his interests. Do well enough, and you’ll be rewarded lavishly; the Gilded Group is lousy with gifts you could never afford yourself, waiting to fill your stocking. If not…well, things could get ugly.

Wendy Trang, by Mandy Jürgens

Which is what your partner, Wendy Trang, worries about, though if you only watch her behavior, you wouldn’t exactly get the impression that caution is her watchword. She’s a classic hothead, a tightly wound operative who greets you at your first meeting by throwing a knife past your head. She’s been at this kind of thing a long time: she grew up hunting vampires, and now she does wetwork for the Guild.

And she’s not exactly thrilled to have been assigned a partner, by the way. Like so many of her kind, she doesn’t think she needs one, and mostly thinks that you’ll be dead weight. It’s true that you have yet to prove yourself – newly Awakened, and now trying to make a go of it in the criminal underworld. But she has her soft spots and her weak points, though she can barely admit it. You may turn out to be more useful to Wendy than she realizes – in fact, you might even make a great team.

If you survive, that is.

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